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The shipping company announced a temporary halt to shipments to South China

Due to the impact of the New Crown epidemic and the overlaying of the Spring Festival, a number of shipping companies issued a notice to suspend the reception of goods from many ports in South China and other places!



Due to the COVID-19 quarantine requirements for crews on coastal feeder ships between South China and Hong Kong, the feeder operator has announced the suspension of its services from mid-January to the end of February 2021. In view of this situation, the acceptance of all container types, including dangerous cargo boxes, refrigerators and heavy cargo bound for the ports of South China, Guangxi and Fujian will be suspended. Through the major ports of South China, the booking arrangement will be suspended as shown in the following table:


According to the customer consultation issued by OOCL, due to the impact of the epidemic, the barge shipping capacity of Hong Kong, Macao and South China has been significantly reduced. It is expected that during the Spring Festival holiday in 2021, the import operation of ports in South China (including Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan and Guizhou) will be affected and restricted.



Due to the COVID-19 quarantine requirement for crews sailing between South China and Hong Kong after the 2021 Spring Festival holiday, the feeder operator in South China has announced that it will suspend service from January to February 2021. In view of this situation, Heberot will temporarily stop receiving goods in the Pearl River Delta region and the final destination in Fuzhou until further notice. However, shipments will continue to be accepted through the mainline service to the major ports (i.e., Hong Kong, Yantian, Shekou). Please note that the suspension of booking reception in South China is based on the estimated arrival time of major ports. (i.e. Hong Kong, Yantian, Shekou).
Any other costs and liabilities incurred at the transhipment ports (Hong Kong, Shekou, Yantian) in connection with demurrage charges, terminal warehousing or terminal charges after discharge of cargo during the outage of the feeder operator will be borne by the shipper.




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